Emotional/Spiritual Aspects

Along with the practical matters of having one’s affairs in order, it’s equally important to prepare for death emotionally, to spend time with loving people toward the end of life, and to have spiritual/religious sustenance.

Spirituality can help many people find strength and meaning during their final moments, think about your preferred spiritual or religious beliefs and underpinnings, and how you want these incorporated into your last days.

Saying goodbye to loved ones/pets can be difficult for both you and the recipients, the finality of it can be overwhelming, but many voice that once this is done, a presence of peace prevails.

Often quoted in the literature on death and dying are the tenets in “The Four Things That Matter Most”, by Ira Byock, a medical doctor who professes the need for a dying person to express four thoughts at the end of life:

  • I love you.
  • Thank you.
  • I forgive you.
  • Forgive me.

Your death is just that – yours- to plan and prepare for. You may relish in the sound of your grandchildren, the generation to come, running around your home filling it with laughter and light, or you may want peace and quiet, to say your final goodbyes and to be alone with one or two special people/animals. However it ends up, you have the best chance of achieving a good death when you plan and prepare for it