Paul Lamb and Jane Nicklinson’s case – Court of Appeal hearing

Date: 31 July 2013

For immediate release

Friends at the End, the organisation that campaigns for a change in the law to allow physician-assisted suicide in the UK, is saddened and disappointed by today’s judgement.

Paul Lamb is a courageous member of FATE, who overcame enormous difficulties to put his case in person to the Court of Appeal in London.

He had hoped he would be allowed to have assistance to die when he feels he can no longer endure the constant pain and helplessness which he experiences every day.

In his own words “I’ll continue the fight to the bitter end if need be”.

Dr Libby Wilson, Medical convener of FATE and a friend of Paul’s, is available for interview via 0141 334 3287.

Paul Lamb’s contact details are contained in the press release from Bindmans solicitors.