Proposed Assisted Suicide (Scotland) Bill

13 November 2013

MSP Margo MacDonald today publishes her proposed Assisted Suicide (Scotland) Bill

This Bill enables personal CHOICE.

It will legalise Assisted Suicide in specified circumstances within a strong regulatory framework that protects the vulnerable and those who wish on-going care.

Equally, justice means any competent adult whose quality of life is unacceptable because of a terminal or life-shortening illness or condition and has made a pre-declaration to their doctor, should have the right to receive assistance to achieve a pain-free death with dignity at a time of their choice.

This Bill will de-criminalise such assistance.

Surveys consistently show 75–80% of Scots support a change in the law to permit regulated assisted suicide. We need people like you, representing this majority of the population, to add your voice to the debate.

If you do want to see the law changed to permit assisted dying within the robust regulatory framework contained in the Bill, it is essential you contact the Scottish Parliament to state your support.

We ask you to respond in three ways:

  1. Write to Margo MacDonald’s office at: The Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh, EH99 1SP or email:
  2. Write to your MSP, encouraging her or him to vote for the Bill. We suggest either email, post a letter to your MSP, or contact them via
  3. Encourage like-minded friends to write as above.

Why this legislation is important

The Bill:

  • Protects and enables personal choice.
  • De-criminalises compassionate support for a choice to die.
  • Applies to those with a terminal or life-shortening illness who decide their quality of life is no-longer acceptable.
  • Protects the vulnerable and those who wish on-going care, by operating within a strong regulatory framework.
  • Requires personal pre-registration & assessment.
  • Limits provision of assistance to only designated practitioners.


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