Omid T Court Hearing

A further hearing in the Omid T case is due to take place on 21st November at the High Court in London. Omid recently said “Thank you – this is keeping me strong and keeps me going  but there will come a time when I can no longer tolerate my life and I fear that time is not far off. I want to finish what I have started but it is very  hard as I feel  that I have no quality of  life, my life is grim and miserable and I cannot bear to go on much longer.  There is no palliative care that can help me.  My life is beyond that – so opponents who harp on about palliative care as the answer do not know what they are talking about!”

An article by Omid’s Legal team on Omid’s case and the Noel Conway case can be found here.

In order to proceed with this legal challenge Omid still requires financial support you can donate here.