Omid Case Receives Permission to Proceed

The High Court of England and Wales has confirmed that the judicial review into the case of Omid will proceed to a full hearing. Friends at the End welcome the decision to proceed with the case and wish Omid every success over the coming days.

Speaking to his legal team after the court decision, Omid said: “The task ahead is a formidable one — the court needs to understand that people in my situation, with an incurable condition and years of misery ahead, are not less deserving of the court and public’s sympathy but as Lord Neuberger recognised in the Nicklinson case — we are surely more deserving as we have years ahead of a meaningless and empty life which holds no value any longer. I hope that the court is not going to succumb to the argument that only people who are terminally ill should have the right — because it’s a “narrow” issue and will take up less court time. That would be disappointing indeed”.

Omid and his legal team will now continue working to gather evidence and expert witnesses before the evidence is heard in July. Omid is relying on experts from around the world, and he still needs funding to help him cover expenses for witnesses. You can donate directly via his CrowdJustice page. FATE are exploring the possibility of intervening in this case and will continue to work alongside Humanists UK, MDMD and Bindmans LLP to promote Omid’s efforts.

“Thank you”, Omid said; “I am only hanging on because of the support people have shown so far!”