Friends at the End Comments on Forthcoming Guernsey Bill

Following the recent announcement that a Bill will be put before the States of Guernsey legislature, Peter Warren Convenor of Friends of the End commented

‘Our Parliament is often commended for its progressive policies and practices but it is falling woefully behind when it come to the debate on assisted dying.

Increasingly jurisdictions the world over are affording their citizens more options and rights at the end of life. The debate on assisted dying is moving ever closer to home, with reports that Guernsey are set to debate its legalisation as soon as May 2018.

This mounting pressure, coupled with consistent polls that the majority of UK residents support Assisted Dying, gives us ample opportunity to persuade our politicians to listen to the will of their constituents and legislate for the last human right – to die with dignity at a time and place of your choosing, free from pain and suffering.

Whilst we welcome Guernseys efforts, their provisions do not go far enough to remove the suffering and indignity faced by so many people with a terminal or incurable condition.

Proposals are limited to a small subset of people – those who are terminal and have 6 months to live. If the basis for legalising Assisted Dying is to remove suffering and ensure a good death for all, why limit it to this cohort? Assisted Dying should be viewed as a fundamental human right and those rights are universal, not specially afforded to certain groups.’