Friends at the End pledges support to Omid’s legal campaign

Friends at the End has pledged its support to a new attempt to change the law in favour of assisted dying.

The case, being brought to the High Court of England and Wales by Omid and Bindmans LLP, will focus on legalising assisted dying for those with life changing illnesses and who are expected to live for more than six months. Omid, who suffers from Multiple Systems Atrophy, has difficulty speaking and has lost much control in his arms and hands, meaning he cannot end his own life. He has instead chosen to fight for the right to assisted dying, so he can end his life on his terms at a time of his own choosing.

Friends at the End pledges full support to Omid’s case. As part of this, £500 has been donated towards Omid’s legal fees.

Friends at the End members are encouraged to visit Omid’s CrowdJustice page for the latest updates on the case and for the opportunity to make a donation to support Omid’s legal fees.