Friends at the End Mourns the Death of Omid T

It is with great sadness that we hear of Omid’s death at the Lifecircle assisted dying clinic in Switzerland today.  Omid T was awaiting judgment from the High Court on his legal challenge seeking a change in the law on assisted dying,  challenge which was supported by Friends at the End.

Whilst a relief to know that Omid is finally at peace and that he died on his own terms, the frustration and injustice of his death in Switzerland is profound.
Omid, who our CEO Amanda Ward met on a number of occasions was witty, funny, charming and friendly to everyone he came across. He was also a very sick and profoundly disabled man, who should not have had to leave his home, the UK, to travel abroad to get the relief he so craved.
We are convinced that if our politicians experienced the pain and suffering Omid, his family, and the hundreds of others who have travelled abroad for a peaceful death have had to endure, they’d not want that for themselves or any of our citizens.
We are past the point of turning a blind eye – elected representatives must listen to their constituents, the overwhelming majority of whom support a safe controlled UK assisted dying law and act now.
Omid was a kind, compassionate, charming character – he’d already been through so much with his illness and he deserved better than having to take matters in to his own hands.