Paul Lamb on BBC Newsnight

18 December 2013

Paul Lamb appeared on BBC Newsnight on Monday, interviewed by Jeremy Paxman. This was after the start of his case at the Supreme Court earlier that day.

Dr Libby Wilson spoke to him afterwards:

He was absolutely exhausted and felt he had let the side down as he had had so little energy to speak but I reassured him that what he did was wonderful and his courage in the face of his pain and tiredness said more for his cause than any number of words. He also told me that he had much appreciated Michael Irwin going over to speak to him in the Court, but was so ‘moithered’ (there is a good Yorkshire word for you) that he had not been able to reply.

After an hour in the Supreme Court he felt too ill to stay longer and managed to rest in a small side room before facing the journey back to his hotel. There was no taxi suitable to transport him so he had to guide his wheelchair, escorted by carers etc from his hotel to the Court, which took over an hour and then back! The BBC managed to find an ambulance, at their expense, to take him to the studio that night.