Dr. Libby Wilson: Bail surrender deferred for fifth time

5th July 2010
FATE Press Release – for immediate publication

Dr. Libby Wilson, Fate’s high profile Convenor and Medical Adviser, who faces prosecution in connection with the death of a Surrey woman, has been told this morning that her bail surrender has been deferred for the FIFTH time. She had been summoned to appear at Woking police station on the 9th of July. Dr. Wilson was detained a year ago and questioned by detectives after terminally ill academic, Cari Loder, who had multiple sclerosis, killed herself in June last year, and police discovered Dr. Wilson’s phone number among Ms. Loder’s records.

This latest news follows the decision, last month, by the Director of Public Prosecutions NOT to prosecute another FATE member -former GP Dr. Michael Irwin – for assisting financially and accompanying Raymond Cutkelvin, who was dying from pancreatic cancer, to the Dignitas clinic in Switzerland.

The case against Dr. Michael Irwin was dropped according to Keir Starmer, not because there was not enough evidence to prosecute him, but because it would not be in the public interest – one reason being his age…he is seventy nine. Dr. Wilson is eighty four.

Speaking at her home in the west end of Glasgow, Dr Wilson said that she is concerned not only about the lack of clarity that still surrounds the position of those who help others to die, but also about the enormous waste of public money and police time that is involved. “How much longer is this expensive farce going to continue?”

In addition she believes this has lead to a ‘two tier’ situation regarding assisted suicide – those who can afford to travel to Dignitas, and those who cannot and are therefore left either to suffer unbearably or adopt drastic measures to end their lives.

Dr Libby Wilson can be contacted direct on 0141 334 3287
Or press inquiries via Sheila Duffy on 0141 337 1588