Christian beliefs on Assisted Dying

Date: 31 January 2013

Immediate realease

FATE, the Friends at the End campaigning group, is holding an open meeting at 2.30pm on Saturday 9th February at Renfield St. Stephen Church, Bath Street, Glasgow to give its members, interested parties and members of the public an opportunity to hear the basic evidence for the contrary beliefs in the assisted dying debate — especially important in view of MSP Margo MacDonald’s impending bill to allow physician assisted suicide in Scotland.

Putting the case for a change is the Rev Scott McKenna the controversial parish minister at Mayfield Salisbury Parish Church in Edinburgh, who contends that physician assisted suicide is NOT anti-Christian.

Opposing him is the Rev Sally Foster-Fulton, associate minister of Dunblane Cathedral and convener of the Church of Scotland’s Church and Society council.

You are invited to attend this meeting on the day, or if you wish more information in advance, contact the following:

Sheila Duffy FATE Press Officer
Dr Libby Wilson Fate Convener and medical advisor
Rev Scott McKenna: 0131 668 1286 or 07894 503 626
Rev Sally Foster-Fulton: 01786 825388 or 07850 937 226
Margo MacDonald MSP: 07968 802 852

With Margo MacDonald’s latest attempt to have the law changed, this event will be of great interest to the public and the press.