Assisted Dying in Scotland

We are legal, academic and medical experts on Assisted Dying. We have 20 years experience supporting people at the end of life and campaigning to change the law.

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We are campaigning for assisted dying to be legal in Scotland but we also believe in better palliative care for Scots. The two are not mutually exclusive.…

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Who are Friends at the End?

Friends at the End is a Scottish Charity promoting knowledge and understanding of end of life choices and campaigning to change the law to allow Assisted Dying in Scotland and across the UK.

I want to …

What you can do

Heartfelt accounts are invaluable to our campaign to legalise assisted dying.

Sign our petition and contact your MSP or MP.

Our members are at the forefront of the assisted dying movement.

Your support will help us support people with a terminal illness, improve end of life choices and change the law.

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